Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Philly: Stone Soup, Protest Style

The main ingredient in protesting is the protestor. Next in the recipe is the message. Occupy Philly has many protestors bringing with them many messages, each with a level of validity all its own.

Some may not agree with every perspective, but all who occupy Philadelphia’s City Hall agree, that something needs to be done, about the status quo. Each message brings a little more spice to the mix, a little more flavor to the pot and a little more diversity to the cause. A cause, in itself, filled with diversity.

Occupy has nearly two dozen different grievances against the status quo and as the days go by, the “unofficial officials” are learning the ropes and possibly, the recipe for success.

Each day, Occupy Philly holds two sessions of its General Assembly: day and evening. And during each of those meetings, those who have joined the movement, on a full-time, part-time or just passing through with a cause basis, meet to discuss and decide upon the process of how decisions for the group will be made and the stances that will be taken. With each meeting, those who partake help to form the depth and breadth of the Occupy Movement’s voice.

Many working with Occupy Philly are holding classes to educate about the cause, the cure and the process of how to make this movement a positive and peaceful force. This information is available at the "Training Space" located at Dilworth Plaza.

Calendars of main events are also being posted on the Occupy Phillyweb page, and social media sites by the Tech Team. General assembly meetings are held twice a day, at noon, and again around 7-8pm.

The more ingredients, the more plentiful the pot and the stronger the flavor becomes. Those looking to add to the stew should head to one of the meetings and decide for themselves if this is a cause that they can believe in.  

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