Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Red Wedding at Franklin Mortgage & Investment: Do it.

One of the best drinks I've had in quite some time came in quite the unexpected place. While I've written about Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. on many an occasion in the past, I hadn't actually been there...

I know. It's terrible to admit. But in its non-vodka offerings, I felt nearly offended. Gin makes this girl rowdy. And I've stayed away from whiskeys and the like, since I was about 14, so there was no particular rush to head to the popular speakeasy.

But I can happily report, that I have finally made it there; and low and behold, they have a destination worthy drink for a gal like myself.

Having gotten over my initial hesitation of entering the dark and kinda scary sub basement entrance of Franklin Mortgage & Investment, I opened the heavy door to find life; lights, people and the smell of fermentation, completely hidden from the street above.

I joined my friends and had a look at the new fall menu. Being a wine / vodka drinker, it took me a while. I almost wished I had a drink while I decided on what I should be drinking. But ultimately, I feel like the allure and mystery of the cocktails, so foreign to me, almost heightened that first sip.

I've decided that The Red Wedding is a sort of winter sangria. The mulled wine served over ice is dangerously delicious. It's offered in the House of Leaves portion of the menu and actually includes Applejack, El Dorado Rum, Lemon Juice, Mulled Wine Syrup, Orange, and some other fancy ingredients. But for a wine drinker like myself, it was perfection.

And while this may have been my first visit to this Rittenhouse speakeasy, it certainly won't be my last. Go try one for yourself, while it's still in season. Cheers!

Franklin Mortgage & Investment 112 South 18th Street  Philadelphia, PA 19103

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