Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Military Aid & Thoughts on Spending

Since the newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry returned from his first official Middle East trip, it’s been one announcement after another. Meets here, greets there; nine days and nearly as many countries. Kerry’s itinerary had him making stops in England, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar, with most of the European leg focusing on Africa’s violent conflicts. 

The nation's top diplomat has returned bill in-hand having made aid commitments to regimes spanning millions of square miles.  

For Egypt, Kerry promises a needed infusion. With one caveat: No guns. Humanitarian only. But it’s just an installment; some good faith, walking-around money. There was the billion in support promised to the victors during Egypt’s rebellion in 2011, but for now, of the $450 million on the table, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy will receive $190 million. 

There’s a cool $60 million headed to the Syrian rebels fighting against dictator Bashar Assad. That’s if it makes it; of the $385 million promised little is reported as being seen on the ground. Aid comes two years into the brutal conflict, a debilitating pace pointed out long-ago by critics. And there’s the same deal on this agreement. No guns.

We’ve also promised $3.1 billion in military aid to Israel. It's a little different on this one. Lots of money, all for guns. This continues what will be a decade-long $30 billion military aid agreement from the Bush era. 

Within our own borders rebellion's a quality society actively works to suppress. Yet we support it internationally. Are we rebels? Or are we newly appointed diplomats with a passive charm? Considering our nation's dialogue on gun rights and safety, it would make sense that our policies at home reflect our behaviors abroad. 

Back here in America, the ink’s barely dry on the government’s forced spending cuts. There’s turmoil amidst and the affects of our self-imposed sanctions have yet to be felt.

With all the time spent funding the rise of this leader or that, America's lost control of its most important foothold.

It’s time we got our house in order. 

The neighbors can wait.


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