Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dinge Is In At Starr's El Rey

When Stephen Starr opens a new spot in the city, you’re guaranteed a few things. Pricy drinks, pretty ok food and staff that looks as though they were genetically designed to match the sparkly ambiance. And then came El Rey.

The new Mexican diner opened up at 20th and Chestnut and let me tell you – its freakin’ awesome. The old Midtown IV diner had just the right amount of sleazy dinge left over to set the stage. The food, put out by former Xochitl Chef Dionico Jimenez, is so gluttonously fabulous, you might just need a siesta by the time you’re done.

Vibe wise, it looks like Starr hit every flea market in the tri – state area and collected every lamp there possibly was. Tables and walls are coated in 70’s wood grain and the servers are keeping H&M in business, rockin’ every color / style of plaid shirt available. Throw in the National Lampoon’s Christmas lights strung up on the walls, a couple margaritas and you’ve got yourself one hell of a good time.

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