Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Promoters Bill

The latest in the city’s stellar ideas has come in the form of Bill No. 100267 – or the “promoters bill” as its come to be known. This may be the first you’ve heard of it or you may have seen it in your news feed and scrolled right by. But it’s gotten the Philly music and bar scene up in arms and the conversation is just getting started.

This bill would require “promoters” to submit permit applications 30 days in advance to the Philadelphia Police Chief for each and every show they host entailing their licenses, contracts and security plans for every show from DJ’s to house bands.

The redundancy of this bill is a perfect example the bureaucracy of this city. When a bar owner wants to open a spot in Philadelphia, they must be insured, they must be properly zoned, they must have a liquor license and they must be okayed to host live music. These stipulations are already in place ensuring the city was properly paid, yearly, through taxes and licensing fees.

Adding yet another level of city discretion as to what venues will be able to host music in what neighborhoods would ultimately slaughter these small business making it nearly impossible to keep up with the paperwork involved. And that’s IF the applications are approved. The PPD would have the right to deny permits, basically at a whim since there are no actual reasons listed in the bill for denial.

In a city where the music scene is thriving and unknown musicians can actually get a gig, this bill would stifle the scene all together. Leaving the masses of music lovers to be entertained by area concerts put on by only by the big boys. It’s like tuning out all the radio stations except the ones that play top 40.

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