Thursday, September 15, 2011

Parking Wars: Rittenhouse

There are so many events going on in the city this weekend, but if there is one that will totally screw up parking and driving on Saturday, it’s the Rittenhouse Fine Arts Show and Outdoor Street Café that’s planned.

The Fine Arts Show will encompass the square on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 16 – 18, beginning each day at 11am. No biggie there. Stroll the park and take in the art! Even buy some if you’re inspired.

It’s the Outdoor Café that’s really going to cause a traffic jam. From 11am – 10pm, Rouge, Devon and Parc will be serving not just curbside, but street side as well with 18th Street being blocked off for traffic.
The forecast? 68 and Sunny. Hop on the subway, ride a bike, or walk. But whatever you do, Rittenhouse is off limits for cars. It’s not worth the road rage!

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