Tuesday, December 20, 2011

High-End Happenings: Own a Piece of Rittenhouse

In its latest fundraising initiative, The Friends of Rittenhouse Square are offering a piece of the park to take home. New to the park's many statues include bronze cast animals. The sculptures were made by Eric Berg, a resident of the Rittenhouse neighborhood. They were unveiled in November 2010, and adorn the Patty Hogan Gates around the Gardener's Cottage.

Fourteen individual bronze cast animals, are now available. The casts are detailed on one side, hollow on the other, and great for wall decor or garden art.

Buyers can choose from an owl, robin, woodpecker, pigeon, blue jay, little wren, praying mantis, toad, snail, salamander, chipmunk, two versions of a squirrel and a dog, ranging in price from $750 - $1,600 each.

No word on how much of the proceeds benefit the park, but I think my favorite is the snail.

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