Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Bucket List: Eat A Mimosa

The holiday season is always one of the toughest to grapple with. From buying and giving to returning and regifting, things tend to get a little confusing. Months of jingles on the radio is sure to turn even the sanest of us on our heads. Sitting on an old man's lap is condoned...up is down, down is up. It's not crazy. It's the spirit of the holiday season, and Davio's has joined in the fun,  offering a tasty twist on a favorite cocktail.

The Mimosa Dessert offered looks absolutely amazing. True to form, they're willing to share the recipe (below), but its much easier to let the kitchen prepare one for you instead. The Mimosa is made up of a prosecco sorbet, orange segments, champagne grapes, and candied brioche. It's finished with a scoop of vanilla custard and orange foam and sells for $11.

The dining room at Davio's looks wonderful year round, but during the holidays it really is beautiful. So stop in, pull up to the bar, admire the holiday handiwork, and order up one of the festive treats that Davio's is offering.

Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse 111 S. 17th St., Philadelphia, PA 19103


Orange Soda
1 1Ž2 oz  Fresh Lemon Juice
1 3Ž4 C Fresh Orange Juice
3 1Ž4 oz  Granulated Sugar
4 tspPowdered Gelatin

In a saucepan bring juices to a boil, dissolving sugar. Remove from heat and stir in gelatin.
Stir to combine, strain and refrigerate.  Pour mixture into soda siphon and charge.

Vanilla Custard
3 T Powdered Gelatin
5 C Crème Anglaise, Warm
7 oz Crème Fraîche or Sour Cream

Add Gelatin to warm Crème Anglaise, stir to combine and chill. 
Add crème Fraîche, stir to combine and refrigerate.

Prosecco Sorbet
10 oz Prosecco(Champagne)
7 oz Simple Syrup
14 oz Water

Pour contents into a 2-quart ice cream machine and turn until frozen.

Other ingredients:
One loaf of brioche
Simple syrup
Orange Segments
Champagne Grapes

Dice brioche, toss in small amount of simple syrup and lightly toast in oven.

In any glassware you choose, arrange orange segments and champagne grapes, then several pieces of candied brioche. Add a scoop of vanilla custard, some more oranges and grapes.  Follow with a scoop of Prosecco sorbet and finish with orange soda foam.

*Adapted from Art Culinaire Magazine

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