Friday, August 12, 2011

Affordable Art for the Fiscally Conservative

You know times are tough when the government’s checks are bouncing, but we all play a little game of checkbook roulette at one time or another. In tough economic times, it’s usually the arts and entertainment budgets that get cut first. But one local artist has decided that the prefix “starving” is just not for him and has created a new series of affordable art.

Philadelphia based artist and designer Sean Martorana is selling a series of original watercolor paintings at a price point that would make any fiscally conscious art lover squeal.

“Instead of simply offering prints as a lower-cost product (which many people balk at, because they want something original), I began creating one of a kind originals on 11×17 watercolor paper utilizing watercolors, ink and what ever else is near by,” he said. “They’re quick strokes of inspiration that anyone can afford.”

On Saturday, August 27, stop by the Piazza for Battle of the Canvas, a 10-hour, live art competition where Martorana and 26 other artists will be creating live and selling their art.
For now, these watercolor originals are available online for the low price of just $40.

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  1. Another good spot for affordable art in town will be the Philadelphia Alt Comic Con. I'm sure folks will be selling originals and tons of prints will be for sale. Of course, comics, too, but comic artists tend to get into a lot of things:
    This Sunday in West Philadelphia!