Thursday, August 11, 2011

Prohibition Era Jazz at Little Bar

Philadelphia’s infatuation with all things prohibition has definitely hit an all time high. Speakeasies are the new dive bar and vodka has been ousted by its fruiter cousin, gin. The good old days of raging alcoholism has been replaced with the much cooler, and laid back closet drinking. And I know we’re all looking forward to this fall’s return of Boardwalk Empire.

So while we sip our bootlegger style cocktails, and wait for this season’s AC drama to kick off, there’s at least one prohibition style events that you can attend to pass the time.

Like Prohibition Era Jazz Night, at Little Bar. This Friday, catch the Blackbird Society Orchestra from 8pm – 10pm. This 1920’s jazz/pop/blues band is sure to bring the swing. And Little Bar has the rest - drink specials to be announced.

The old Vesuvio’s is the perfect example of the aforementioned; it seems to have done some soul searching, shed its pool table and sports-bar facade for a swank beatnik feel and some real-deal entertainment.

Little Bar – 8th & Fitzwater.

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