Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cuba Libre’s 31 (Daiquiri) Flavors

July is National Daiquiri Month and in honor of this summertime favorite, Old City’s Cuba Libre will be offering a different $10 Daiquiri every day during the month of July. On Hemmingway’s birthday, July 21st, the special Papa Doble is going for just $5. Check the list below and find your favorite.

July 1: Classic Daiquiri
July 2: Coconut & Basil
July 3: Mango
July 4: Havana's Foster
July 5: Pineapple
July 6: Orange
July 7: Watermelon
July 8: Grape
July 9: Guava
July 10: Elderflower
July 11: Kiwi
July 12: Black Cranberry
July 13: Pomegranate
July 14: Guarana
July 15: Raspberry
July 16: Apricot
July 17: Pear
July 18: Strawberry
July 19: National Daiquiri Day, Captain’s Daiquiri (with Falernum and bitters)
July 20: Blueberry
July 21: Hemingway’s 112th Birthday, Papa Doble
July 22: Melon
July 23: Black Cherry
July 24: Lemongrass
July 25: Cucumber
July 26: Vanilla Tea
July 27: Rhubarb
July 28: Lychee
July 29: Grilled Pineapple
July 30: Energy (with a splash of Acai puree)
July 31: Passion Fruit

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