Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Will Philly’s Shake Shack Have a VIP Grill?

With the newly confirmed information that NYC’s Shake Shack will be opening up here in Philadelphia, the city’s foodies and bloggers are all a-buzz. Some seem to be over the burger binge. Others seem to be more excited.

I am included in the latter. During an overnight to New York in May, I got the chance to try out a little Shake Shack myself. I am sold. The burgers are totally delicious and I can’t wait for the Philly location to open at 20th and Sansom next year.

But there’s more to the story than whether or not a foie covered burger tops whatever the secret sauce is on the Shack’s. There are doggie treats on the menu named the Puchini; a total win. And even more impressive / amusing, the alleged VIP grill saved just for New York’s most elite customers.

As New Yorkers go, and pretty much anywhere else, getting a VIP in is a must. And at the newly opened Shake Shack at 1 WTC, mediaistro's fishbowlny blog reported that there’s a special grill set aside for the Goldman Sachs employees, so that the long lines and waits may be avoided.

If in fact this is true, which it seems to be, my question is:

Will Philly get a VIP Grill?

It’ll be better than pre-ordering 5 Guys and beating the line for pickup! I can’t wait to find out who makes the VIP cut.

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