Friday, June 10, 2011

uwishunu About Philly's Original Settlers

You can find out all about the Sewdes and their B-eautiful Princess's help on the gallery opening here and on

The American Swedish Historical Museum’s New Gallery Is Now Open, Devoted To The History Of Philadelphia’s Earliest Settlers

With the help of Sweden’s Princess Madeleine, The American Swedish Historical Museum recently debuted a new gallery exhibit dedicated to the New Sweden Colony and its earliest European inhabitants.

Before William Penn made his mark on Philadelphia, Swedish settlers put down the city’s original roots in a colony known then as New Sweden. The Sven Gunnarsson and Jonas Nilsson New Sweden Gallery, the latest permanent addition to the museum, explores Sweden’s initial interactions with Lenape and Susquehannock Indians, the colony’s 1655 fall to the Dutch, the impact of William Penn and the Quakers on Swedish and Native American land and the role of New Sweden colonists in the future of Philadelphia.

The new gallery features several interactive components, including an animated, computer-based map detailing the location of New Sweden that visitors can use in the gallery, and “New Sweden in Profile”, a hands-on activity offering a look into the lives of individual settlers.

The 80-year-old museum’s 12 galleries, situated in a 17th-century Swedish manor, showcase more than 400 years of Swedish–American contributions to history, art, architecture, music, science, technology and Philadelphia tradition.


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