Monday, July 18, 2011

Skillshare Launches in Philadelphia

Before education was moved to the heights and formality of the Ivory Tower, mentors passed their trades onto apprentices and families continued traditions passing down crafts from father to son. It’s this method of organic teaching that has become antiquated over the centuries. But with the help of the Internet, a newly launched company is bringing back an age-old tradition.

Skillshare is an online marketplace for off-line classes connecting those with something to teach with those looking to learn. Skillshare is out to launch a “Learning Revolution,” which is a big part of the company’s educational view. They believe that learning can happen anywhere and should not just revolve around formal training, like in universities.

Now they’re looking to attract teachers and students in the Philadelphia area. Right now, Philadelphia has nearly 200 signups and once Skillshare reaches 500, Philly’s classes will be available.

Signup on line or learn more at the Skillshare launch event at Field House on Tuesday, August 9, from 7pm = 9pm.

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