Thursday, July 28, 2011

It’s 1990 at Johnny Brenda’s

This Saturday, July 30, Johnny Brenda’s is going back to 1990 with DJs Emynd & Bo Bliz. Upstairs from 9pm – 2am, the dj duo will be spinning tracks from a year everyone except Arsenio Hall has tried to forget. Where were you in 1990? Can’t remember? Watch some of these videos and I’m sure images of side ponytails and scrunch socks will all come flooding back to you…maybe that’s just me.

For some reason, the only thing consistent about the music in 1990 was that it was so randomly inconsistent. Top videos for the year included Aerosmith’s – Janie’s Got a Gun, Billy Idol’s Cradle of Love, the B-52’s Love Shack, Biz Markie’s Just a Friend, Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract and Madonna’s Vogue. If that’s not the most random lineup of popular music, then I don’t know what is.

Cover is $7 and if you weren’t yet born in 1990, you cant get in (21+).

And now, some videos from 1990. Enjoy.

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