Friday, November 12, 2010

Get Your Eco-Friendly Gear On At Green Fest Philly

You don’t have to compost coffee grinds and eggshells in your 3rd floor apartment to prove your into preserving the environment but these days, going green means more than just recycling. The green scene has spread into so many parts of our world and now, it’s crept into our closets!

On Sunday, September 12, from 11am – 6pm Green Fest Philly 2010 will be celebrating sustainable fashion with a fashion forward one-day street fair. The event will be held at Headhouse Square, on 2nd and South and will focus on supporting local thrift stores and buying vintage.

Last year brought together over 200 vendors. This year, pretty much everyone with ties to the green community will be set up – from Realtors and hair salons, to farmers and co-ops.

Papertrees will be playing on the main stage and the Headhouse Farmers Market will be going on from 10am – 2pm, as it does every weekend. So snacks and music will be available.

Between the eco-friendly fashion show, the Recessionista Fashionistas clothing swap and the eco-poetry contest at Jons on 4th and South, this event is chock full of carbon reducing, planet saving fashion goodness. And luckily, it’s evolved way past hemp and burlap.

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