Friday, November 12, 2010

Let Lumiere Plan A Night To Remember

We all know that looking like a million bucks and having a million bucks are two very different things. But a little brush with the elite can make you feel like your part of the action and Lumiere, a new Philadelphia based lifestyle management company, slash luxury suite and cigar bar can make you feel just as important as all of the stars you follow on Perez.

Philly’s own concierge service opened its doors in Rittenhouse last week and will soon be fully functional in the Wachovia Center. Like lifestyles of the rich and famous, most people only dream of flying in a private jet, driving a Bentley or ever chartering a yacht and unless your rolling down Rodeo Drive with Puffy riding shotgun, knowing where to go for such extravagant services is only half the equation. Affording it is the other.

But Lumiere has brought all of those services and more to Philadelphia. And for a price, you can be part of all the fabulous finds they have to offer – over 30 services in all. But it’s not just things we all know you and I cannot afford – like yachts and jets –at least without access to somebody else’s black card. Some of its services are definitely attainable. Lumiere offers access to its private luxury suite and cigar bar to members and nom-members alike.

Picture this. You and your friends have a celebration at hand - maybe a high-end bachelor party or a romantic night out with someone special. Starting your night in Rittenhouse is as common as being heckled by a rowdy homeless woman on 2nd and Market.

Starting your night at Lumiere for a $25 one night membership fee allows you to sip complimentary cocktails or BYO, purchase and smoke one of the exotic cigars Lumiere stocks in its humidor and allows you to employ the services of the concierge staff who will then plan the rest of your evening. Calling ahead might not hurt either.

But whether it’s last minute or months in advance, Lumiere will put together a night of drinking, dining, and VIP access along with transportation, tickets and hotel rooms. No matter what you’re looking to do, Lumiere can provide dreams for most budgets.

For one night only members, their services are available at an hourly concierge rate of $55 an hour, plus the cost of whatever you’re looking to do. Monthly memberships come in three levels – orange, yellow and blue flame – each with its own list of benefits. They offer entertainment and travel arrangements, personal assistant services, nutritional counseling, personal shopping, errand services and even security.

This company can not only book your vacation, but they will walk your dogs, water your plants and pick up your mail while you’re gone. This is the stuff the Kardashians are made of. And now, it’s all within reach. For a price, of course.

Lumiere 128 S. 20th St. Philadelphia, PA 800-578-4142

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