Friday, November 12, 2010

Ride Naked This Labor Day Weekend!

Usually, stripping down and riding your bike through the streets of Philadelphia would be looked at as, lets say, taboo. There are only a few scenarios in life that would even result in such an act of naked hysterics – for instance, a bet with your buddies that went terribly wrong.

But on Sunday, September 5, at 6pm it’s not some crazy wager that will bring nearly 1,000 area riders together but a cause to raise awareness for bicyclists in Philadelphia. The 2nd Annual Philly Naked Bike Ride will ride again after a jaw dropping showing at last year’s inaugural Philly ride.

Cyclists gather in this demonstration of bikes, butts and boobs to raise awareness for the vulnerability of cyclists while on the roads. The ride brings attention to the bikers hoping to keep their safety in the minds of others who share the tight city streets.

And these are not freaky activists either. These are your favorite bartenders, your trendy teachers, your hippie neighbors and everyone else in the city that has the cajones to bare it all and ride. Including you - if you’re up for it – especially now that you know you won’t be arrested.

The location of the ride will be announced at 11:59pm Friday night, along with a route map so if you can’t make it to the ceremonial opening, you can still join in mid-stream. The after party (location to be announced during the ride) is open to all riders. Drinks are available, as long as you’re over 21 but unlike the ride, minimum dress is required.

New this year will be a pre-ride bikini bike wash and lube station set up by local business and PNBR supporter Girl. Bike. Dog. to raise money for the cause.

So come dressed - but in the easiest access outfits you have and when the ride begins, drop your skivvies and hope you don’t miss your bike seat. Some riders tape up their important parts or cover up with tube socks, others rock out in Halloween costumes and president masks.

Like last year, the changing and body paint station will be set up for last minute messages and themes to promote. Organizers are asking riders to bring their own paints to share as well. Riders are encouraged to take up causes of their own that affect the riding community – bike ticketing anyone?

Philadelphia is not the only city involved in the Naked Ride. The Global Naked Bike Ride coordinates rides in cities across the world raising awareness for causes like eliminating oil dependency and lowering carbon emissions.

So grab your bike, ride tandem, or even rock the long board – if you so dare, but do something for the environment, do something for your fellow riders, be a part of something bigger than yourself, show off those tan lines and bare it all for a good cause.

Go to the Philly Naked Bike Ride web site and subscribe through the homepage to receive the route map and start location.

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