Friday, November 12, 2010

Victoria’s Secret Gears Up For Football

So you’ve trashed the #5 jersey and you’re in the market for some fresh new Eagles gear. Well ladies, this season, screw Model’s - hit Victoria’s Secret PINK! That’s right. VS PINK launched its newest line of officially licensed team tees, sweats, hoodies and tanks.

And I’m not talking mesh. This is fully bedazzled – the way only PINK could pull off. The official launch of the line is set for stores on August 10, but you can already score this season’s hottest team gear online. Only one problem - you won’t be the only chick rockin’ the new swag.

PINK launched the new line not only for Eagles fans, but for the Broncos, Patriots, Giants, Jets, Steelers, Chargers, Vikings, Bears, Cowboys, Raiders, Panthers and Redskins too. So no matter where your loyalties lie, you can support your team and look pretty cute at the same time.

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