Friday, November 12, 2010

Tria’s "Fun Little Cousin," Biba, Finally Comes To Town!

As hanging out with “fun little cousins” can sometimes go, there are usually some surprises in store that weren’t expected. Maybe they are a little more grown up than previously anticipated, maybe their friends are wild and crazy or maybe they just love to drink wine and all this time hanging out with the little cousin could have been really cool. Who knew?

The team from Tria. That’s who. They knew that an upscale wine bar was just what University City needed. And this Friday, October 8, at 4pm, Biba will open its doors to the public as something a little younger, a little hipper and a little trendier than its older and more distinguished fam in Center City - Rittenhouse Square Tria, 18th and Sansom and Washington Square West Tria, 12th and Spruce.

Biba, though young and hip is absolutely anti-techie, aka, no TV’s, no Wi-Fi, no live music or karaoke. I guess we can safely rule out a facebook page. The “farmhouse – industrial” interior feel is just the right mix to make desperate internet seekers forget that their computer won't connect to anything. Maybe picking it up out in the patio seating next spring will be a possibility!

The intention is to have guests be distraction free long enough to enjoy one of the 26 wines by the glass or 10 hand selected artisanal beers as well as the simple, affordable cheese, charcuterie or chocolates offered on the menu at this chic, yet back to basics location.

Good food, good drinks and as long as the people that are there to join the party are in good spirits, good company too. Biba will be open Sunday - Thursday from 12noon - 12midnight and Friday and Saturday from 12noon - 1am.

Biba Wine Bar 3131 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 215-972-7075

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