Friday, November 12, 2010

Will Jack Daniel's Birthday Be A National Holiday?!

Though turning 100 may get you on the Today show, nobody’s going to give you a national holiday. But if you were born in 1850 and you're still the life of the party, we might have to bend the rules. Though records of his birth are non-existent, its distillers know that Jack Daniels’ birthday is sometime in the month of September.

In celebration of his 160th birthday this September, 2010, the "Back Jack" campaign will call on the U.S. Congress to make Jack Daniel's birthday a national holiday and is seeking supporters through a nationwide petition drive and city tour via its grass roots, virtual and viral campaigns.

The Jack Daniels distillery is collecting signatures from California to Maine, Florida to Washington State and everywhere in between. On Monday, September 27, the Back Jack Campaign Bus will be rolling through Philadelphia on its way to Washington D.C. looking for local support from Jack Daniels fans in Philadelphia and stopping off in Rittenhouse Square from 12:30pm - 2:30pm.

Jack Daniels Distillery, the oldest in the United States (registered in 1866 but operational since 1850), is asking for support for a true independent, Jack Daniels, from its friends ages 21 and up by logging in at and signing the petition through a special Facebook application or even by texting JDBDay to 68405.

The tour bus will be in Rittenhouse square right in time for lunch hour, so signing up in person is definitely a possibility. Jeff Arnett, the master distiller for the Jack Daniel Distillery and only the seventh in the history of the distillery will be onsite as well. But what day is JD looking to claim as its own?

“We’re ok with any day during that month,” said Arnett. “Every year in September we do Jack Daniels birthday promotions. We’ve begun celebrating the entire month.”

So in celebration of the art of birthday month, after checking out the Back Jack Tour Bus stop and maybe scoring some JD swag, head to your favorite bar, order the official Back Jack campaign cocktail, a Jack & Ginger and put one back for Jack.

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