Friday, November 12, 2010

New Craft Beer Search Engine Launches Friday!

Drinking your way through the extensive beer lists available in some Philadelphia pubs can get a little pricey. And once you’ve narrowed down your favorite, there’s no guarantee that the next bar you hit will carry the same selection. And this gets even trickier with seasonal brews. Well this fall, finding that certain pumpkin beer won’t be such a chore.

There’s a new website launching on Friday called, the brainchild of husband and wife beer lovers who would run into the problem of having to stalk out their favorite brews all the time and wished there was a resource to direct them.

Well, my little beer enthusiasts, now there is! The PhillyTapFinder, Philadelphia's craft beer locator is an extensive resource of beers available in the bars around Philly, in participating pubs, of course. The site allows you to use the search box for “Brewsing” through by beer, bar, style or neighborhood. Otherwise, you can search by brewer, ingredient or even characteristic.

This is how it works. Say your looking for that pumpkin beer. Type in pumpkin and Sidecar Bar pops up. There, you can peruse Side Car’s whole draft list. Click the link and PhillyTapFinder gives you a map. Love the beers, but it’s just not in the right neighborhood for this particular outing? Click on the beers and PhillyTapFinder will direct you to other bars in the city with those particular brews.

There are about 60 craft beer bars that are currently listed on the site and they are constantly updating. The site is brewser – I mean browser friendly for iPhone and Blackberry and it’s free to join.

Beer tips are also welcomed and even rewarded through the Tap Tip portion of the site. Tap tipsters are encouraged to email or text in drafts they come across as well as photos of draft lists or chalkboards. As an incentive, tipsters can accumulate enough points through emailing in new drafts to win prizes like key chains and tee-shirts – and I mean honestly, who doesn’t love to win a free tee shirt!

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