Friday, November 12, 2010

Get Your Grub On At The Night Market’s Street Food Bazaar

Everyone knows Philadelphia has a solid bar scene and restaurants out the wazoo. But the food truck community has grown past the limits of the university’s curbs and into the hearts of the Philly foodie.

This week’s long awaited Night Market, brought to us by The Food Trust (aka The Headhouse Farmers Market and such) is the first of six roving foodie trains to roll through our neighborhoods over the next 18 months.

Night Market, Philly’s first street food bazaar is setting up camp at Passyunk and Tasker Streets this Thursday night, October 7, from 6pm – 10pm featuring live music and over 20 of the city’s favorite food trucks and local restaurants.

After having to reschedule due to a rainy night in September – yeah, like the ONLY rainy night during the entire month - this free to roam event has been rescheduled and is ready to roll. It’s the perfect way to highlight the thriving food cart scene in the city and hungry street food loving Philadelphians are chomping at the bit to get a taste of the first nights favorites including snacks from local East Passyunker brick and mortar spots as well as the gas and go types that are the star of the show.

Most of the food available will be GFG – good for grazing. A fried rice ball here, some Caribbean fried fish there and hey, why not just throw in that Mexican pork and pineapple taco while we’re at it, because that just sounds too good to pass up!

And missing out on this Thursday’s bazaar could be completely detrimental to your foodie cred – the next one isn’t scheduled until spring.

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